Regulatory recognition: facilitating growth
Anthony Belchambers writes that a significant increase in cross-border trade in financial services is heavily dependent on the removal of unnecessary trade barriers
Stable monetary policy is the only means to a stable economy
Markets are great at finding prices and allocating resources in ways that make the individuals in society better off says Ben Southwood Emergence of bancatakaful worldwide
The most rapidly expanding sector of the worldwide bancassurance industry – distributing insurance products via banks – is bancatakaful, explains Sohail Jaffer Making central banks serve the real economy
Suleika Reiners says central banks should use their ability to create new money and channel it to meaningful investments What kind of fiscal union?
The sovereign debt crisis in Europe brought back a debate on the lacking components of European integration. Marek Dąbrowski discusses The EU’s economic policy architecture after the ratification of the Fiscal Treaty
Jørgen Mortensen writes that the Treaty does not offer a definitive solution to the problem of finding the appropriate budgetary monetary mix
Takaful: strong growth perspectives in Europe
The maturity of the insurance industry in Europe could make the expansion of takaful more dramatic, writes Sohail Jaffer
Sukuk: from a niche instrument to a global financial alternative
Sohail Jaffer writes that sukuk is evolving from a niche instrument to a widely recognized investment alternative with global acceptance
M&A - laying down the law
Robin Johnson highlights some key observations concerning the role, influence and impact of legal teams when it comes to identifying potential issues, helping deals run smoothly and, ultimately, realising the full value of a proposed transaction Shariah compliant wealth management: on the right track
The growing importance of ethics within the investment industry and its convergence with the principles of shariah-compliant finance is increasing the acceptance of the alternative financial segment in secular markets, writes Sohail Jaffer Finance and Markets Archive 2012 To link to archive articles click here