Recovering from COVID Building resilience in select African economies. Conrad van Gass considers the lessons learnt from policy responses prompted by the pandemic Climate finance and development Climate finance is treated as a form of aid support. Saliem Fakir argues that a shift is needed to investment support that would economically transform Africa COVID-19 and food insecurity in Africa The pandemic has derailed gains made to achieve food security. Conrad van Gass and Joseph Upile Matola look at the role of free trade in developing African agriculture and building resilience COVID-19 lessons from Nigeria The pandemic has had severe impacts on Nigeria. Mma Amara Ekeruche and Adedeji Adeniran examine the macroeconomic policies adopted and what can be learnt by other developing economies Africa’s latent assets Soeren Henn and James Robinson identify latent assets in Africa that bode well for sustained economic growth Digital assets and Africa The long-term economic outlook for Africa is positive. Elise Donovan examines the enormous potential and the opportunities for wealth creation Bracing for the second wave The COVID-19 pandemic has had a severe economic impact on Africa. Cyril Prinsloo and Yulea Roopai consider policy interventions that could play a decisive role in the recovery Is BRICS past its sell-by date? Despite increasing political differences between members, Elizabeth Sidiropoulos sees a continuing role of the BRICS as the global economy rebalances Strategic choices for South Africa’s leadership in 2020 South Africa is a significant actor in Africa. Fred Phaswana says there is an opportunity for South Africa to put into practice its desire to reclaim its prestige and credibility on the continent South Africa has a new chance to promote good governance in Africa Cyril Ramaphosa begins his tenure as the chairperson of the APRM. Steven Gruzd writes that this is an opportunity that the country cannot afford to squander How Africa can up its game Yarik Turianskyi considers cybercrime and data privacy, and argues that Africa urgently needs to respond to these challenges China’s investment in Africa Alicia García-Herrero and Jianwei Xu examine what the data really says, and the implications for Europe The pursuit of inclusive growth in Africa The economic priority for Africa is development. Tao Zhang outlines how the International Monetary Fund will continue to support the continent with policy advice, capacity building, and financial support EPAs: good for Africa? William Gumede asks if the European Union’s Economic Partnership Agreements with Africa are undermining or promoting Africa’s development? Post-Brexit trade and development policy Richard Baldwin, Paul Collier and Anthony Venables suggest that the time is ripe for the UK to embrace a new trade and development agenda to demonstrate a country ready to play a key role on the world stage Is AGOA working for Africa? William Gumede asks if AGOA has not benefited African countries, what can they do to make it work better for them? 54 states and infrastructure financing challenges in Africa Asmita Parshotam and Cyril Prinsloo examine the challenges African countries face in filling the infrastructure financing gap The rise of sustainable FDI: emerging trends in the SADC region Growing FDI inflows into Africa has led to countries re-examining their FDI policies to align them with the international trend toward sustainable FDI, Chelsea Markowitz and Azwimpheleli Langalanga write AGOA and the future of US–Africa trade relations Cyril Prinsloo argues that while AGOA has been a boon to many African economies, as the deadline nears South Africa and other countries in SSA should seriously consider their relationship with the US The South African Promotion of Investment Bill: a case of the tail wagging the dog Azwimpheleli Langalanga discusses the objectives of the PIB and how it fits into the whole FDI regulatory matrix Africa at a fork in the road: taking off or disappointment again? Ernesto Zedillo introduces an eBook he co-edited that illustrates some of the ambitious but necessary steps needed to unleash the tremendous potential of the African people towards the development of their nations Africa’s uncompetitive trade deals The trade agreements that African countries enter into are in many cases undermining their development, rather than boosting it, William Gumede argues Climate change, conflict and the sustainable development goals In those fragile states most in need of development progress SDG 16 is central to achieving immediate and future wellbeing, Alec Crawford asserts Rethinking risk in an integrated Africa Christopher Wood looks at the impact of major new regional integration efforts on the continent China in Africa Deepanshu Mohan and P Samuel Goweh analyse the regional trade patterns of ECOWAS and EAC with the Asian dragon The Tripartite: what to expect from Africa’s grand free trade area Matthias Bauer and Andreas Freytag say that it is essential for African leaders to push for more inter-African integration if African economies want to become less dependent from the rest of the world Modifying China-South Africa trade South Africa is struggling to cobble together a coherent long-term trade strategy to deal with China, William Gumede writes Creating a grand Africa-wide free trade area: overcoming challenges, taking opportunities William Gumede examines ambitious plans to create an Africa-wide free trade area One-sided relationship between Africa and China is increasingly irking Africans William Gumede asks whether China will make its relationship with the continent more equitable EU-Africa trade dispute: it’s sustainability, stupid Transcending rigid positions and embracing more sustainability-focused dialogues can open up new vistas for EU-Africa economic and development partnership, says Oladiran Bello De-fragmenting Africa Paul Brenton argues that what is needed is an approach that reforms policies that create non-tariff barriers; puts in place appropriate regulations that allow cross-border movement of services suppliers; delivers competitive regionally integrated services markets; and builds the institutions that are necessary to allow small producers and traders to access open regional markets Cape Verde - one country, ten destinations and three continents An excellent network of international integration, associated with a privileged geographical location, turns Cape Verde into a powerful investment platform or base to support West African investment, argues Júlio Martins Júnior Global economic competition and EU Millennium Development Policy Oladiran Bello argues that Europe's economic dominance over Africa is being challenged by emerging donors such as China The Lusophone triangle The 'Lusophone triangle is a reality that deserves your opinion, states Manuel Esteves de Albuquerque