Ahead of the GAME WCR sat down with Euro Exim’s Graham Bright to talk about the $22 trillion cross-border payments market, the disruptive effects of technology and how regulators will respond The structure of global trade finance Banking and liquidity problems can have far-reaching consequences on global trade. Olivier Accominotti and Stefano Ugolini take a very long-run view and reconstruct the evolution of trade finance Pace of trade finance digitalization International Chamber of Commerce’s Global Survey shows a move to greater digitalization, and believe that this will lead to a boost in economic growth and sustainable development Gaining competitiveness through trade credit The provision of trade credit allows companies to respond to competitive pressures due to globalisation, Banu Demir and Beata Javorcik suggest A transition in thinking and action Mark Carney takes stock of the progress made in addressing climate-related financial risks since the Paris Agreement of late 2015 Are you ready for IFRS 9? A smart way forward with trade credit risk provisioning is to partner with a trade credit insurer and collections agency Risk-based capital requirements for banks and international trade Banu Demir Pakel, Tomasz Michalski and Evren Örs examine how Basel II capital requirements have affected trade finance Boardroom briefing In this briefing we have partnered with Atradius to pose questions and gain a better perspective of credit management and collection services, which can now be viewed as a core strategy requirement Trade credit insurance Robert Nijhout says trade credit insurance is adapting to new markets and new trends in trade, ensuring its continued relevance to traders in facilitating trade Managing risk, enabling trade In a Q&A with Andreas Tesch future developments in credit insurance are discussed A global architecture for international trade: a collaborative approach Olivier Paul sheds light on the unprecedented changes facing the trade finance industry, and explains how ICC aims to positivey shape the global trade landscape Can trade credit insurance help your business become more successful? The advantages of trading with trade credit insurance are multiple, and ultimately lead to successful trading, Christine Gerryn asserts The benefits of a good international collections agency A good international collections agency can turn a difficult situation with little chance of recovery into a seamless process with a much better potential outcome, writes Raymond van der Loos Better profits without increased sales or lower costs Christine Gerryn says that all companies should compare the cost effectiveness of credit insurance with other methods of managing credit exposure