The impact economy: balancing profit and impact Dirk Schoenmaker examines how governments and companies can cooperate in the pursuit of sustainable development The revived centrality of the G20 COVID-19 has wrought economic havoc. Suman Bery and Sybrand Brekelmans consider the return of the G20 as a driver of global economic policy The road to Kazakhstan The WTO is facing heightened pressure from multiple angles. Sofia Baliño finds that members are debating a new investment facilitation framework in a tenuous WTO landscape How to ensure effective sustainable financing of international development The world is committed to the development of low-income countries. Christine Lagarde considers the obstacles that must be overcome What’s wrong with the WTO’s Environmental Goods Agreement? Developing countries have not participated in the negotiations aimed at bringing down barriers to trade in environmental goods. Jaime de Melo and Jean-Marc Solleder consider a developing country perspective Global economy threatened by ‘sustainable’ investments Governments are pressuring portfolio managers to invest their clients’ funds in sustainables. Martin Hutchinson critically examines the arguments made in favour of investing in sustainables Climate reality reassures India and China There have been no signs of dangerous global warming for nearly two decades. Vijay Jayaraj finds that the developing world needs reliable energy and the coal preference continues A long-term climate protection strategy Angela Merkel considers climate change and believes that lasting growth and prosperity cannot be achieved if the whole package is not sustainable Do calls for ‘enhancement’ of Paris Agreement commitments make sense? It depends G7 leaders should ignore calls to strengthen emission reduction pledges, argues Tom Harris, and instead focus on adapting to climate change Hydrogen: the missing link for the energy transition Nicolas Kraus discusses hydrogen technology and how it can contribute to meeting the climate goals set for Europe A new way to measure development: the Inclusive Development Index Richard Samans proposes an index that recognises development, sustainability and inclusion to regain public confidence in growth forecasts What level of ‘carbon’ tax is appropriate? Tracy Miller considers the social cost of carbon and finds that the government should not tax CO2 Enabling ICT for development Interview with Dr M-H Carolyn Nguyen, who explains why governments need to start thinking seriously about how to leverage ICT for their development goals, and why an appropriate policy environment is crucial to enable the level of investment necessary to support sustainable economic growth The coming EVolution of road transport Aaron Cosbey examines the full impacts of a low-carbon future on the transport sector, where governments and carmakers are hastening the end of the internal combustion engine Have fewer kids to fight climate change? You don't need to weigh your children's contribution to global warming, argues Cal Beisner Can Industry 4.0 save the planet? The use of technologies, techniques and business models linked to industry 4.0 will be essential to achieve a low carbon transition, and the the public sector will play a key role, argue Tomas Wyns and Martin Porter Sustainable Development Archive To link to archive articles click here