Create a modern culture to attract and retain talent Establishing a dynamic and creative culture is essential to attract and retain talent. John Hazelton says don't wait to do this, there is no time – act now!

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Making HR future proof Amber Wigmore Alvarez asks if we are educating tomorrow’s talent effectively The power of ecosystems Richard Straub tracks the growing interest in ecosystems and their profound implications for management education and research and development 44% of employers value experience more than a degree There is a global debate about the relevancy of exams. Fresh Student Living explore whether their place in today’s education system
Collaborate for success and sustainability David Grayson explains the dramatic growth of the quantity and quality of business collaboration linked to sustainable development Human/e capitalism: work, knowledge and non-hierarchical cooperation Paid work has become more diverse and fluid. Werner Eichhorst writes that for companies to harness the potential of workers they will need to collaborate and let them do their job The creative economy Andy Haldane asks if robots will take all our jobs. Not, he says, if we turn our ‘knowledge economy’ into a ‘creative economy’ and rework our education system from ‘universities’ into ‘multiversities’ Kindness in leadership ‘Kindness’ is seldom mentioned as a desirable leadership trait in MBA or executive programmes but it can have enormous benefits for organisations. Gay Haskins and Lalit Johri argue that it’s time we all became more kindly Lifelong learning is key to business and employee success Lifelong learning is more than a strategy to develop employees and foster retention. AACSB International considers the environment, challenges, and opportunities related to lifelong learning and talent management International learning ‘4.0’ Internationalisation is a high-priority issue for business schools but Anna Blombäck, Yvonne Carlisle, Andrew Gaudes and Ulrich Hommel ask if they are reacting in the right way Sustainability and the MBA Sustainability and ethics are at the forefront of business thinking. Andrew Main Wilson argues that companies and their leaders will have to rise to the growth challenge with a new way of thinking How elite universities shape upward mobility into top jobs Seth Zimmerman examines evidence that shows business-focussed degree programmes have a large effect on attaining high-income jobs The business of business schools Kai Peters, Howard Thomas and Rick Smith suggest that while much has been written about business schools from historical and critical perspectives not enough has emerged from an additional viewpoint – the lens of the business of business schools Time for a digital detox? Peter Thomson points out that our stressful work patterns are not caused by technology but by leaders who have allowed their organisations to develop unhealthy work patterns and are ignoring culture instead of managing it Transforming business culture How can we help get employees’ brains into a better place where they can work at their best? Hilary Scarlett writes that to create a properly-performing organisation responsible leaders need to understand the brain Reflections on leadership in a disruptive age Mark Carney reviews the main activities of leaders and the core attributes of leadership. He concludes with some perspectives on the challenges and opportunities faced when leading in our disruptive age Developing collaborative leaders Sriven Naidu describes a new type of collaborative leader required for the complex interdependent systems in a global economy and resource-constrained world Inclusive growth and prosperity – for whom? Instead of prosperity the last decade has delivered inequality, insecurity, and the rise of nationalism and populism. Simon Caulkin argues that this is a secular challenge that business, and especially managers, must face head on Time to think again Creativity needs space and time to flourish, says Dan Pontefract. Being too busy harms this. Too often it gets lost in status quo thinking. We have to make the time to rethink how we think The future is blended Santiago Iñiguez explains why business schools and corporations must accommodate the increasing role of technology in education Myth-busting Three myths are weakening the development of executive learning. Winfried Ruigrok and Georg Gutmann explain why it is many firms are struggling to make their executive learning and development work Equipping managers to help the world Alexandra Santos and Mathabo le Roux explain how a UN initiative is encouraging business schools to prepare students for tackling poverty and other development challenges The power of positive leadership Whether directly through personal interaction or indirectly through their decisions, leaders shape the quality of a workplace. Siegfried Hoenle describes how leaders can act to boost employee engagement The past is not the future Business schools – and the businesses they serve – need to discover a ‘second curve’ if they are to survive and prosper, Charles Handy writes Building trust. The toughest leadership challenge? Confucius said that rulers need three resources: weapons, food and trust. The ruler who cannot have all three should give up weapons first, then food but should hold on to trust at all costs. David Watkins explains Meet the ‘teachsultants’ and the ‘coachstructors’ – the future of executive education Business schools face major challenges if they are to profit from the growth of executive education. One way, says Santiago Iñiguez, is to produce faculty with diverse and hybrid skills A new vision for management education The AACSB is ready to be a guiding force for business schools as they navigate through the challenges and opportunities they face from new business realities, Hanna McLeod writes Clouds of change Charles Handy has always sought to identify the clouds of change threatening society. Here he identifies one such possible threat – the dysfunctional behaviour of our large corporations Executive Development Archive To link to archive articles click here