A global climate risk capital Helen Souza discusses Bermuda’s push to become the global climate risk finance capital Bermuda: a fintech hotspot Bermuda is an innovation hub for digital asset companies to test the world’s ground-breaking solutions. Michelle Chivunga discusses a world class jurisdiction with a forward-thinking government Bermuda is another world and it is the place to be COVID-19 has completely changed how we live, work and play. The Economic Development Department show how Bermuda’s proactive approach has shown the world how to fight the pandemic Beyond the pandemic World Commerce Review interviews Ray Jones, who says Bermuda can look ahead with confidence thanks to a solid foundation in technology, innovation and business support Is the EU’s investment agreement with China underrated? Uri Dadush and André Sapir argue that the CAI binds China to an international treaty that includes improvements on subsidies, SOEs, technology transfer and transparency Much ado about nothing? Fraser Cameron considers the political and economic context of the EU-China investment deal Bermuda is another world and it is the place to be World Commerce Review interviews Ray Jones about Bermuda, an innovative, well-respected and transparent jurisdiction to base your business Belize. Securing your future The global economy is unstable. WCR interviews Caye International Bank's Luigi Wewege on the reasons Belize should be considered as an investment location The frontier economy of Cambodia Global growth is slowing down. Deepanshu Mohan considers frontier economies and why they are attractive to foreign investors Backing the future World Commerce Review sat down with Simon Gray to discuss the role of the British Virgin Islands in keeping the wheels of global trade and investment turning Malta: A high-value investment for your future Q&A with Jonathan Cardona, Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency, outlining the benefits Malta offers investors Who needs a blockchain? In a wide-ranging interview with WCR Lyle Wraxall explains how diversity will drive the adoption and understanding of blockchain across the Isle of Man’s business communities and beyond China’s investment in Africa Alicia García-Herrero and Jianwei Xu examine what the data really says, and the implications for Europe San Marino: at the forefront of blockchain The San Marino Republic is at the forefront of Distributed Ledger Technology and has just published specific blockchain technological legislation for firms. Stefano Loconte reviews Bermuda's global leadership in the FinTech space The Bermuda Department of ICT Policy and Innovation outline how Bermuda is creating an environment for FinTech that will make the Island a centre of excellence Ease of doing business in India Nirupama Soundararajan considers the methodology the World Bank uses in the Ease of Doing Business reports, and looks at some of the limitations China’s strategic investments in Europe: the case of maritime ports The EU is currently working on a new FDI-screening framework. Shivali Pandya and Simone Tagliapietra look at recent Chinese involvement in EU ports What is the financial balance of EU membership for central Europe? EU membership has led to huge economic and financial benefits for central Europe, argues Zsolt Darvas Bermuda's yearly rendezvous to celebrate innovation and achievement The Bermuda Department of ICT Policy and Innovation reviews the annual celebration of the digital economy Looking forwards Forward-looking Malta has laid the groundwork for a strong economy, with an internationally-recognised financial centre, FinanceMalta write Navigating the legal risk In a wide-ranging interview with World Commerce Review Hanno Tolhurst provides an overview of the ASW advantage World class aviation services The Cayman Maritime & Aviation Services Park will create the largest transportation services group in the region, the CAACI write Saxony’s green tech: ready for the future Saxony’s long tradition as an industrial centre has enabled the development of green technology expertise, the Saxony Economic Development Corporation write Sprouting new growth opportunities Bermuda is a natural launchpad for exciting and innovative emerging technology ventures, finds John Narraway Saxony. A great future built on past foundations A strong and highly efficient industry has evolved through smart ideas and intelligent solutions, the Saxony Economic Development Corporation write Italy on the move Stefano Loconte writes on Brexit’s threats and opportunities and how Italy has taken a frontline role in the reorganization of the international business landscape Bermuda at the leading edge of technology The America’s Cup has found a uniquely hospitable home in Bermuda and next year’s event promises to be an exciting race in a phenomenal location The top 6 UK industries for Foreign Direct Investment Savoy Stewart are confident the UK will remain a key market – just as it ever was Arlington, Texas: at the centre of it all Arlington is quickly becoming a hub for engineering, advanced manufacturing, technology and medical science industries, the Office of Economic Development writes The rhetoric and reality of the Trilateral and Bilateral Summits: cautious optimism The recent trilateral and bilateral meetings provides an insight into the region's future trade, security and political relations, Stephen Nagy finds Topeka: the right combination Topeka offers the right combination of resources and support while delivering it all with a can-do attitude, GO Topeka Economic Partnership write The South African Promotion of Investment Bill: a case of the tail wagging the dog Azwimpheleli Langalanga discusses the objectives of the PIB and how it fits into the whole FDI regulatory matrix In Bermuda technology enhances corporate citizenship Bermuda boasts an active corporate community which leverages its networks and which partners to help others on the Island, the Department of E-Commerce writes One court to rule them all? The EU's proposal for a world investment court Hussein Haeri writes about European Commission calls for the creation of a world investment court to resolve investor-State disputes Naturally energetic Combining a reputation for energy investment with a true love of nature, Elk River promises an excellent environment for both businesses and employees, writes Colleen Eddy Modifying China-South Africa trade South Africa is struggling to cobble together a coherent long-term trade strategy to deal with China, William Gumede writes
Cyprus’ airports PPP Alecos Michaelides examines the PPP, a template for the continuing development of the country’s infrastructure Explicating on the need for sub-national economic activism Tridivesh Singh Maini and Deepanshu Mohan say it is imperative for India to mature as a federation while displaying strong ‘cooperative federalism’
Building a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. One TechAward at a time The Bermuda Department of E-Commerce writes about Bermuda’s month-long celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation Alive with opportunity Winnipeg boasts the lowest business costs of any city in Western Canada - and it’s also lower than every US city examined, says Economic Development Winnipeg Inc Fixing the broken region of the Caucasus Jos Boonstra and Laure Delcour evaluate EU policies in the South Caucasus, a broken region characterised by local tensions and conflicting influences of large regional actors Eastern Partnership at a crossroads Amanda Paul says the EaP in its current form has run its course, and there is now a broad recognition that there is a need for a more differentiated approach One-sided relationship between Africa and China is increasingly irking Africans William Gumede asks whether China will make its relationship with the continent more equitable Perspectives on tourism in the Black Sea area Tourism is more acceptable and preferable than any other industrial activity, as it is environmentally friendlier than most other industries, finds Zefi Dimadama Bermuda: the gold standard in international commerce The Bermuda Department of E-Commerce find that a sophisticated technical infrastructure and significant support to local and international companies, all within a robust regulatory framework, has made international business the island’s largest economic sector Bermuda, a world class international business centre Now is a perfect time to come to Bermuda which is continuing to build on its well-deserved reputation as a jurisdiction that caters superbly to the global marketplace, Ross Webber states Gozo - the island of opportunity The future looks bright for Gozo with a number of projects targeted at sustaining and enhancing economic progress, the Ministry for Gozo DTED write