Finance 2015

Why is China finding it hard to fight the markets? Alicia García-Herrero writes that China is sitting on a pile of debt, and the only way out is to deleverage: more pain now for sustainable growth later Boardroom briefing In this briefing we have partnered with Atradius to pose questions and gain a better perspective of credit management and collection services, which can now be viewed as a core strategy requirement China's ETS: a vote of confidence in carbon markets Carbon markets have recently received a huge vote of confidence from China, Andrei Marcu writes A non-linear path to economic growth and prosperity Bermuda boasts an active corporate community which leverages its networks and which partners to help Deepanshu Mohan argues for a better incorporation of local political economy features in the process of achieving economic growth as a means-to-an-end goal of securing development The quest for financial stability, economic growth, and returns on investment in the post-crisis global economy Jonny Greenhill and Gianluca Riccio say that greater coordination is needed to strengthen the pace of what is currently a lacklustre recovery The third act of the Greek tragedy Bartosz Radzikowski writes that if the third act of the Greek tragedy does not run on a suitable and sustainable course, membership of the eurozone will be, for the first time, reversible More than a name, a reference In a Q&A with Olivier Bizon future developments in wealth management are discussed Regulations badly needed – the case of Islamic financial institutions The need to create uniform, universally acknowledged and followed standards is arguably the most pressing challenge for Islamic financial institutions, Katarzyna Sidło writes International financial institutions facing a credibility crisis! Deepanshu Mohan says that institutions such as the IMF are not prepared to meet the great macroeconomic challenges that lie ahead Managing risk through futures contracts Paul Cusenza addresses how entities can manage their price risk through futures contracts A ‘New Age’ of uncertainty Central bankers and policy makers have a much more complicated and difficult job nowadays, Daniel Dăianu writes Trade credit insurance Robert Nijhout says trade credit insurance is adapting to new markets and new trends in trade, ensuring its continued relevance to traders in facilitating trade Managing risk, enabling trade In a Q&A with Andreas Tesch future developments in credit insurance are discussed Unlocking the true value of data Ruairi McDonald writes that the asset management industry needs to be more forward thinking and innovative in approach Discerning Europe’s fiscal situation Deepanshu Mohan says that Europe has made a serious mistake by not strictly keeping a check on the implementation guidelines of the Maastricht Treaty