Innovative - Unusual - Exciting - Extreme (since 1999) The headquarters of Formex Watch SA are located in the heart of the Swiss watchmaking industry in Lengnau Biel/Bienne. Founded in 1999, Formex Watch SA ranks among the ‘now-generation’ watchmaking companies. Instead of imitating the past, we are focused on the here and now with innovative, trailblazing approaches. We are globally recognized as the inventor of the patented suspension system that is integrated in all of our 4SPEED models. We are pioneers in testing the limits of feasibility and thrill our customers with extraordinary watches that stand out with amazing technical design features. Our philosophy ‘INSTRUMENTS FOR SPEED’ Comfort on the wrist, convenient operation, and unmistakable styling are the motivating factors that inspire us in the development of our timekeeping instruments. All of our watches are developed, engineered, and designed at our headquarters in Lengnau, Switzerland. We combine high-grade materials (mainly titanium and stainless steel) with high-quality finishing processes (such as physical vapour deposition PVD or galvanized coatings) to achieve rugged, durable surfaces. Our watches are very lightweight due to the use of carbon and titanium. The watch with the suspension system A telescoping separation of the inner and outer case components enabled us to develop a suspension system that allows the watch to adjust to active environments. Be it in sports or everyday situations, the patented suspension system not only enhances wearing comfort but also protects the movement inside against extreme vibrations and shocks. Tachymeter-display with double second hand The dial also reflects technical refinement and motor sports excitement: A double seconds hand makes it possible to shift the tachymeter index at the 120-km marker precisely to 12 o’clock. The upper, straight-cut part of the seconds hand is used for the chronograph function. The lower, wedge-shaped part of the seconds hand indicates the average speed measured for a distance of one kilometre (tachymeter function). The tachometer-style seconds hand prevents confusion and assures correct readings for each measurement. Our professional timepieces are characterized by their unique design concepts and the movements integrated in their cases. Future-oriented The accuracy of quartz movements developed in the 1970s can hardly be further enhanced. Mechanical movements, true wonders of technology that established the reputation of Swiss watches, can be improved only at the detail level. This is why, looking to the future, we are on a permanent quest for new technical solutions. Currently, we are developing a new, mechanically inspired ecological drive system whose accuracy can be compared with that of a quartz movement. Formex Watch SA is the brainchild of watch designer and CEO Hans Peter Grädel. “It has always been my ambition to create a watch with motor sports appeal. Everything began with the patented suspension system that we developed in-house. Quite simply, it is part of every Formex 4SPEED watch. Features like these and superior technology combined with sporty styling characterize our collections. I am sure that our timepieces are more than just extraordinary. They are literally ahead of their time.” Having a FORMEX watch on your wrist means having a reliable technical expert with you as a friend both for sport and in life. It is a technologically advanced instrument and integrated with a Swiss Made movement. You are not simply wearing just a ‘Watch’! A FORMEX watch on your wrist is a philosophy FOR SPEED in life! For further information: