Global Trade 2013

Time to push north? Mikkel Barslund and Matthias Busse argue that the European Commission should use its considerable strength and know-how in bringing partners and stakeholders together in order to facilitate the necessary infrastructure to allow better matching across borders of workers and employers Preferential trade agreements - a path to revitalise multilateralism Jürgen Thumann sees the multilateral route via WTO trade rounds as the best option for trade liberalisation ‘The cheapest stimulus package you can imagine’ – the EU’s ambitious trade agenda Over the next ten to 15 years, 90% of world demand will be generated outside Europe and it is a key priority for the EU to tap into this growth potential by opening up market opportunities for European businesses. Karel De Gucht outlines the EU's ambitious trade agenda Chile's path to development Cristián Larroulet says that sound policies over the last three decades has contributed to steady economic growth First-ever rules for open account trade launched The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has launched the Uniform Rules for Bank Payment Obligation (URBPO), a 21st century standard in supply chain finance that will facilitate international trade Global trade deals would generate exports creating 21 million jobs The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) recently finalized recommendations for World Trade Organization (WTO) member countries to salvage parts of on-going Doha trade negotiations that could boost global GDP by US$960 billion Navigating a 21st century global trading system Bill Reinsch finds that tariffs are no longer the big issue, though some big ones remain. Now it is non-tariff barriers, local content, intellectual property and more How global supply networks drive growth and jobs There is a future in which America can create millions of jobs and strengthen it's economic growth, argues Matthew Slaughter Estimating the effect of the TPP on Japan’s growth Yasuyuki Todo finds evidence that the economic effects may be bigger than the current consensus suggests Educate for employment Markus Beyrer argues that continued investment in training is key to the future of Europe’s competitiveness Economic and social challenges faced by Southern and Eastern Mediterranean countries Marek Dąbrowski and Luc De Wulf examine the problems and solutions needed for growth in the SEMC The most important challenge for Brazil’s growth It is important to keep the current public and private commitments of improving the education system and of the public policies to support innovation, says Robson Braga de Andrade Emerging markets – a risky business? Ever-increasing and changing legislation means regulatory risk and compliance is something that cannot be ignored, Graham Richardson finds Investment in Libya: security, contracts, and a new constitution Andrew Watrous examines the challenges facing post-revolution Libya Commercial dispute? Think mediation Raising awareness of the merits of mediation as a relatively low-cost and quick dispute resolution technique was the theme of the International Chamber of Commerce’s annual mediation conference Global Trade Archive 2012 To link to 2012 archive articles click here Global Trade Archive 2011 To link to 2011 archive articles click here