Global Trade 2011

Acknowledge Doha's demise and move on to save the WTO Prolonging Doha jeopardises the multilateral trading system and threatens future prospects for WTO-led liberalisation, argues Susan Schwab A finance minister for Europe? Charles Wyplosz asks what the financial literature has to say about Jean-Claude Trichet's conclusion Quicksands: legal and enforcement rules affecting cross-border Gulf trade All the GCC countries have new stricter rules on cross-border marketing and selling of funds and securities, writes Muhammad Abdullah Al-Harith Sinclair 21st century business challenges focus on 7th World Chambers Congress The Congress was held for the first time in Latin America, helping the delegates keep pace with the latest issues affecting business and chamber heads around the world China embraces self-regulation of marketing Jonathan Huneke writes that the adoption of international standards for advertising enhances trust between businesses and customers EU-Brazil business relations: the opportunities for growth are enormous Developing relations between the EU and Brazil has opened up trade and investment and will allow the EU to regain lost market share, writes Jürgen Thumann The EU-Brazil strategic partnership: everything but trade? Susanne Gratius argues that the traditional close relations should be used to conclude a EU-Brazil free trade deal Europe should look East to balance the books Europe should have greater urgency about scaling up its trade and investment links with India, says Richard Heald Dialogue with industry will deliver results Trade facilitation initiatives and negotiations, which aim to facilitate trade by addressing border-related impediments to the flow of goods, are of paramount importance to the air cargo industry and its customers, writes Michael Steen Rise in G20 protectionism is denounced Concerns in the global business community about this protectionist trend have prompted ICC to put into place its own indicator to monitor market openness, writes Jonathan Huneke The legal system in Portuguese-speaking countries Sofia Ferreira Enriquez argues that there is a common history between legal systems in Portuguese-speaking countries and that the influence of Portuguese law cannot be denied Investment: a strategic factor for Brazil Robson Braga de Andrade argues that investment is a key factor for the Brazilian economic performance Bermuda - ideally positioned for e-business Patrice Minors discusses Bermuda's strength as an offshore location for e-business Trade tensions mount Simon Evenett says the world trading system may face its greatest test in the year ahead ICC launches new rules of arbitration With this revision ot the rules the ICC have tried to listen to users of international arbitration, whether they come form business or government The sun is still shining Örn Gunnarsson argues that Iceland has an excellent platform for investments, both local and foreign Cape Verde - one country, ten destinations and three continents An excellent network of international integration, associated with a privileged geographical location, turns Cape Verde into a powerful investment platform or base to support West African investment, argues Júlio Martins Júnior