Global Trade 2012

Ethics training and government transparency needed to fight corruption, survey reveals Governments and businesses alike need to place the fight against corruption at the top of their agenda says International Chamber of Commerce FATCA – business support for a global solution The Business and Industry Advisory Committee (‘BIAC’) to the OECD is leading the business effort to engage with governments in a mutually beneficial dialogue, says Keith Lawson Only citizens should determine whether there is a European ‘demos’ The essence of a democracy is that the voters have the final say and that those in power, regardless of what they think of such a pronouncement, should acquiesce to this, argues Patrick van Schie Global growth through global employment and social affairs Lászlò Andor says that globalisation and the present economic crisis have created a common political interest in employment and social affairs Trends and patterns in foreign trade of Central Asian countries Roman Mogilevskii looks at the trade of Central Asian countries and assesses their importance and their implications for policy Corporate Social Responsibility: an interview with Antonio Tajani, Vice President of the European Commission In a Q&A with World Commerce Review Antonio Tajani discusses the Commission’s pioneering role in the development of public policy to promote CSR It’s time to stop investment protectionism James Bacchus, Victor K Fung, Harold McGraw III and Gérard Worms believe that boosting FDI in today’s global economy is a pressing concern to developed and developing countries alike Ethics in business – how to do the right thing Ros Kellaway says that to ensure that good ethics is practised throughout a business, a culture of integrity and trust should be fostered The Western Balkan’s new choice – joint development or individual depression Hido Biščević thinks that EU instruments should be further engaged in elaborating a regional strategic approach to economic recovery and development EU-Africa trade dispute: it’s sustainability, stupid Transcending rigid positions and embracing more sustainability-focused dialogues can open up new vistas for EU-Africa economic and development partnership, says Oladiran Bello Public procurement: untapped potential for sustainable economic development Tom Moerenhout and Marlene Roy believe that strategic government spending can trigger market demand for sustainably produced goods and services that meet or exceed environmental and social standards The Alien Tort Statute’s impact on the business community Bill Reinsch believes that the ATS will have a significant impact on the business community both in the United States and potentially, around the world Whatever a society can do, it can also finance: financing sustainable development Sulieka Reiners and Matthias Kroll argue that the world is still on an unsustainable path and that the main reason for this is not a lack of political will as such but rather unused possibilities of finance Youth unemployment in Europe – mobilising, motivating and making use of the next generation The young do have an important place in the labour market and we have an obligation to invest in their future, write Mikkel Barslund and Anna-Elisabeth Thum De-fragmenting Africa Paul Brenton argues that what is needed is an approach that reforms policies that create non-tariff barriers; puts in place appropriate regulations that allow cross-border movement of services suppliers; delivers competitive regionally integrated services markets; and builds the institutions that are necessary to allow small producers and traders to access open regional markets Dual learning – an answer to youth unemployment The effects of a lost generation will undermine Europe’s innovation potential and competitiveness for the next decades, says Maxime Cerutti The gender dividend: an urgent economic imperative Charles Heeter writes that getting more women in the workplace, including in senior decision-making roles, who understand the buying preferences of their cohorts makes business sense Rio+20: an interview with the Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce, Jean-Guy Carrier In a Q&A with World Commerce Review Jean-Guy Carrier says that a set of commonly underlined principles for national green economy roadmaps may be a way forward to act as a bridge between national priorities and a global level playing field Global Trade Archive 2011 To link to 2011 archive articles click here