Global Trade 2014

One-sided relationship between Africa and China is increasingly irking Africans William Gumede asks whether China will make its relationship with the continent more equitable The Bali deal impasse prognosis Suparna Karmakar writes that the lack of strategic thinking worldwide may have grave consequences for the future of the global trade governance system Eastern Partnership at a crossroads Amanda Paul says the EaP in its current form has run its course, and there is now a broad recognition that there is a need for a more differentiated approach Just the (T)TIP of the iceberg? Jo Leinen investigates the nature of the TTIP, which is more an all-encompassing regulatory agreement, rather than a classical trade deal The possible merits of TTIP A sober look at the possible merits of TTIP is needed, Jacques Pelkmans writes The growing importance of the G20 and the way forward: an Indian perspective India believes it is important that the G20 keeps a watch on changes in composition, nature and distribution of global imbalances and their implications, and to steer work towards their underlying causes, asserts Geethanjali Nataraj The EU and immigration Robert Oulds finds that the issues surrounding immigration are used by both sides in the on-going debate as to whether or not Britain should remain in the European Union Do we have to be afraid of the future world of work? History has shown that human creativity and inventiveness are strong and will always find ways to cope with new situations, finds Werner Eichhorst Perspectives on tourism in the Black Sea area Tourism is more acceptable and preferable than any other industrial activity, as it is environmentally friendlier than most other industries, finds Zefi Dimadama The EU’s pivot to Asia Europe has steadily increased its engagement with the world’s most dynamic region and home to 60% of the global population, writes Fraser Cameron Did the crisis cause a change in globalization? Henning Vöpel and Hendrik Hüning examine the implications for international business of the change of the dynamic in globalization, which has been intensified by the damaging effect of the financial and economic crisis The EU and the City of London Robert Oulds says EU regulators threaten the UK’s position as a world leader in international business services Youth unemployment in Europe Werner Eichhorst provides pointers on what employers and policy makers can do to overcome one of the most pressing issues in Europe Bermuda: the gold standard in international commerce The Bermuda Department of E-Commerce find that a sophisticated technical infrastructure and significant support to local and international companies, all within a robust regulatory framework, has made international business the island’s largest economic sector Securing the future of the European defence industry: a ‘mission possible’ for the EU? Andrea Frontini examines recent trends and emerging challenges for the European defence industry The world is ready for a global economic governance reform, are world leaders? Global governance will have to adapt much more significantly and quickly or else risk becoming insignificant, argue Jim O'Neill and Alessio Terzi Bermuda, a world class international business centre Now is a perfect time to come to Bermuda which is continuing to build on its well-deserved reputation as a jurisdiction that caters superbly to the global marketplace, Ross Webber states A united, open and stronger Europe The EU is more than an economic project. It is a political one. It is a community of culture and of shared values and interests essential to forge a common destiny, asserts José Manuel Barroso Focusing on the right things Politicians need to show disengaged and mistrustful citizens that they are working hard for a more prosperous and secure EU, writes Alisdair McIntosh Sharing the same vision – the cornerstone of a new industrial policy for Europe The EU needs an unambiguous and well-defined strategic plan, argues Claire Dhéret It’s the parties, stupid! Jo Leinen examines the prospects for trans-national European democracy The world in 2020 – making Europe more flexible in a changing world Jim O’Neill and Alessio Terzi argue that Europe needs to be more flexible in a changing world Working without borders Free movement of labour should be untouchable, writes Klaus Zimmermann TTIP - what EU business is looking for The TTIP is a unique opportunity to further integrate the EU and US economies, writes Luisa Santos What now for EU-Russia relations? Fraser Cameron considers the impact of the Ukraine crisis on European security EU expansionism and the crisis in Ukraine Robert Oulds asserts that Western backed regime change in Ukraine has only succeeded in bringing to the fore and provoking divisions in a fundamentally divided nation Post-socialism is over: trade reallocation between the EU and Russia Igor Bagayev and Boris Najman discuss the possible consequences of recent events in Ukraine for EU trade with Russia The energy triangle: the EU, Ukraine and Russia Olesia Ogryzko says that the EU and its member states should look beyond narrow national commercial interests and think about the long-term energy security of the EU as a whole A business platform to shape the G20 agenda The ICC G20 CEO Advisory Group ensures the inclusion of business views in the deliberations of G20 leaders, writes the International Chamber of Commerce Envisioning a sustainable Black Sea: the role of the ICBSS Zefi Dimadama writes that there is an urgent need for the adoption of a new plan for sustainable development in the Black Sea region China's trade policy. The hegemon in waiting It would be both sensible and advisable to integrate China into the ongoing development of international trade rules, argues Hanns Günther Hilpert China’s reforms: is Beijing playing its hand well? Jörg Wuttke and Jonathan Greenhill discuss the policies China needs to adopt to succeed in the 21st Century European companies need stronger signals to deliver a real industrial renaissance Inconsistent and uncoordinated legislative initiatives have led to higher costs for businesses and added to the amount of red tape in Europe, finds Markus Beyrer More countries must push for deal to liberalize trade in green goods and services The International Chamber of Commerce writes about the latest step to move global trade talks out of the Doha Development Agenda deadlock and build on momentum following the successful outcome of the WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali in December 2013 European elections ahead but no changes expected! Plus ça change... The European Union suffers from a governance deficit, particularly on economic matters, and the European elections will not change this, write Raoul Kirschbichler and Mario Fantini Europe - a time for change Alisdair McIntosh writes that now is a good time to draw breath and look forward to the challenges and opportunities ahead for the EU Strategic options for Europe’s future The New Pact for Europe outline five possible strategic options for the future of Europe The obsession with regulation Robert Oulds argues that the European Commission’s attitude to regulation stymies innovation and harms economic growth Ethics training and government transparency needed to fight corruption, survey reveals Governments and businesses alike need to place the fight against corruption at the top of their agenda says International Chamber of Commerce It’s time to stop investment protectionism James Bacchus, Victor K Fung, Harold McGraw III and Gérard Worms believe that boosting FDI in today’s global economy is a pressing concern to developed and developing countries alike TTIP’ing in the right direction – what the new free trade agreement will mean for growth in Europe Håvard Sandvik looks at why the European Liberal Forum convened a roundtable to assess the progress made and the obstacles to a new transatlantic free trade agreement Are the TTIP roadblocks for real? 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