Global Trade 2015

Internationalization of MSMEs crucial to inclusive growth ABAC sees the need to support and strengthen trade and investment linkages between MSMEs and big businesses, writes Doris Magsaysay Ho A tale of two unions James Bartholomeusz writes about how Brexit could break up the United Kingdom itself Africa’s uncompetitive trade deals The trade agreements that African countries enter into are in many cases undermining their development, rather than boosting it, William Gumede argues OBOR: will it reboot the Chinese economy? Pravakar Sahoo discusses the centrepiece of China's foreign policy, and looks at potential future issues Why Berlin and Paris cannot give in to Cameron Sebastian Dullien argues that British interests in protecting the integrity of the single market of 28 countries and the eurozone’s wish to move forward with more integration will inevitably clash TPP: implications for India Geethanjali Nataraj and Pravakar Sahoo examine the likely implications of the TPP on India and set out a roadmap for India to prepare itself Africa at a fork in the road: taking off or disappointment again? Ernesto Zedillo introduces an eBook he co-edited that illustrates some of the ambitious but necessary steps needed to unleash the tremendous potential of the African people towards the development of their nations The rhetoric and reality of the Trilateral and Bilateral Summits: cautious optimism The recent trilateral and bilateral meetings provides an insight into the region's future trade, security and political relations, Stephen Nagy finds The quest for financial stability, economic growth, and returns on investment in the post-crisis global economy Jonny Greenhill and Gianluca Riccio say that greater coordination is needed to strengthen the pace of what is currently a lacklustre recovery The geopolitics of the TPP: reconfiguring regional architecture in East Asia Stephen Nagy argues that the TPP reconfigures regional architecture in East Asia away from a China-centred economic framework to one that will attenuate Chinese economic domination by the bifurcation ASEAN into TPP members and non-members One court to rule them all? The EU's proposal for a world investment court Hussein Haeri writes about European Commission calls for the creation of a world investment court to resolve investor-State disputes The EU-China’s Comprehensive Agreement on Investment A successful CAI could give a welcome boost to EU-China economic and trade relations and should be warmly welcomed by business, Fraser Cameron writes Brussels’s lobbying bonanza Pia Eberhardt, Lora Verheecke and Kenneth Haar write that EU politics is heavily skewed in favour of capital and transnational corporations and that TTIP would expand their power even further China in Africa Deepanshu Mohan and P Samuel Goweh analyse the regional trade patterns of ECOWAS and EAC with the Asian dragon Economic partnership as diplomacy in East Asia Economic liberalisation and integration initiatives are the most important foreign policy strategies in East Asia, Steven CM Wong states Mega regional trade agreements and the Indian economy Bipul Chatterjee and Kyle Cote assess the potential impact of the three mega RTAs on the Indian economy, with particular focus on the TPP and TTIP Rethinking risk in an integrated Africa Christopher Wood looks at the impact of major new regional integration efforts on the continent Time is up for a Europe resting on its foreign policy laurels Daniel Schade explains why Europe’s status as an economic giant but political dwarf simply isn’t enough anymore Reform, not renegotiation Lucy Thomas says David Cameron should push for changes that benefit businesses across Europe India’s new foreign trade policy: setting its own house in order The new FTP reveals a more calculated, and perhaps long overdue, approach, Bipul Chatterjee and Chenai Mukumba argue The Maritime Silk Road – an EU perspective Fraser Cameron writes that the MSR will have a major impact on global trade and international relations, especially EU-China relations The Tripartite: what to expect from Africa’s grand free trade area Matthias Bauer and Andreas Freytag say that it is essential for African leaders to push for more inter-African integration if African economies want to become less dependent from the rest of the world Modifying China-South Africa trade South Africa is struggling to cobble together a coherent long-term trade strategy to deal with China, William Gumede writes Regulatory cooperation in TTIP An important part of the TTIP will be dedicated to the removal of non-tariff barriers, Jan Teresiński writes Explicating on the need for sub-national economic activism Tridivesh Singh Maini and Deepanshu Mohan say it is imperative for India to mature as a federation while displaying strong ‘cooperative federalism’ Is there such thing as a gender wage gap? Gender discrimination in the workforce is yesterday’s problem, suggests Ben Southwood
Human touch and the future of work Occupations that deal with complexity, supervising, assessing, deciding, teaching, but also care and personal interaction, will be most relevant in the future, Werner Eichhorst writes Creating a grand Africa-wide free trade area: overcoming challenges, taking opportunities William Gumede examines ambitious plans to create an Africa-wide free trade area
Towards a new global economic order – what does TTIP mean? The successful conclusion of TTIP negotiations would be regarded as a benchmark for future free trade agreements, Henning Vöpel and Jörn Quitzau find What future for Europe? What Europeans decide to do next will determine European’s quality of life, security and prosperity for generations to come, Benjamin Zeeb writes India-EU FTA: problems and future prospects Geethanjali Nataraj writes that once India’s new foreign trade policy is announced the FTA talks can resume The EU is listening to business’ cries for reform Lucy Thomas says there is a third way of staying in the EU, engaging with the process, and building alliances for reform TTIP and the digital economy Erik van der Marel and Matthias Bauer contend that the TTIP could be used as a good starting point for the new global digital economy Why true free traders should push for a TTIP without investment protection Sebastian Dullien says free traders should aim for a limited TTIP with all tariffs removed and some harmonisation of standards, leaving open the potential for more in the future Cents and sensibility: disputing the TTIP Hussein Haeri and David Walker write about investment protection and ISDS in the TTIP A tale of two worlds Julio Saavedra examines Latin America’s competing trade blocs and finds that the Andes mountains not only mark a mighty geographic division, but an economic policy one as well. You would do well to go west
WCO Data Model: the bridgehead to connectivity in international trade The WCO is promoting the use of its Data Model, a collection of international standards on data and information required not only by Customs, but also by government agencies, in relation to the regulation of cross-border trade, Satya Prasad Sahu and Laure Tempier write