International Tax

Why should you be concerned about transfer pricing? Les Secular asks whether MNEs are adequately prepared for transfer pricing audits in the current economic climate in which tax authorities see their current tax take reduce Improving performance of VAT systems is a priority in the context of the economic crisis The increasing importance of VAT as a source of government revenue is likely to continue as countries deal with fiscal consolidation pressures in the wake of the economic crisis while seeking to restore growth, Jeffrey Owens comments A corporate tax scheme for the single market The Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base will make it easier, cheaper and more convenient to do business in the EU, says Algirdas Šemeta How the CCCTB can attract the interest and the support of the business community Philippe de Buck writes that tax systems in the EU have not kept up with changes in economic relations, and remain highly fragmented, with 27 regimes that often clash New measures to bolster customs enforcement of intellectual property rights A robust system of intellectual property rights is considered essential for the whole EU economy, and the need for effective enforcement is also recognised, writes Walter Deffaa