New challenges to transfers of personal data Scott Marcus considers the recent CJEU judgement and the impact on data transfers between the European Union and the United States The trademark ecosystem 2020 The trademark ecosystem is changing. Robert Reading reviews recent research that offers insights into infringement, technology and the shifting trends in brand protection How Africa can up its game Yarik Turianskyi considers cybercrime and data privacy, and argues that Africa urgently needs to respond to these challenges Protecting IP through domain management Chrissie Jamieson discusses the latest research to assess the current landscape and explore why domains are a vital component of any brand protection strategy Post-Brexit transfers of personal data: the clock is ticking EU-UK talks on a future data-sharing relationship have yet to start. 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Chrissie Jamieson writes that companies must embrace advanced technology to maintain customer trust and protect consumers GDPR: ten easy steps all organisations should follow Sara Degli-Esposti and Maureen Meadows consider the GDPR and find that the best advice for many organisations is to keep calm and carry on GDPR doesn’t have to get in the way of digital transformation for law firms Ensuring compliancy can be achieved by using a trusted third-party digital services provider, Chris Labrey writes Why openness, not technology alone, must be the heart of the digital economy Rufus Pollock argues that for creativity and freedom to flourish we must put openness at the heart of the information age Global value chains and the missing US exports To properly understand how trade benefits all involved Yuqing Xing argues that trade statistics need to be reformed to take account of intellectual property Delivering effective 21st century trademarking Even with the advance of artificial intelligence human analysts will remain a vital part of the trademark landscape for years to come, Rob Davey argues 3D printing: IP issues and innovation Jia Li and Ed White write about the growing concern around the impact of 3D printing on IP rights Brexit and the changing trademark landscape Shifts are happening and Rob Davey says companies need to understand these changes and keep themselves protected across regions A comprehensive overview of the trademarking world It is clearer than ever that trademark management should be considered as critically important by brands, asserts Rob Davey Why China’s new cybersecurity law is a threat to international businesses and innovation George Haour writes on China and cybersecurity and the potential ripples in the way China does business What does Tesla’s intellectual property reveal about the future of clean transportation? CPA Global has carried out an in-depth patent analysis on Tesla’s portfolio. Matt Luby asks what do Tesla’s patents tell us about its future strategy? Let the games begin Ian Johnson examines the IP minefield at the Rio Olympics, and the future of IP in the digital age Winning the race to launch and protect trademarks Trademark practitioners are looking at new ways to effectively produce the most efficient workflow, Rob Davey writes Exploring automotive innovation: is technology in the driver's seat? 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Electronic evidence will decide Thomas Cavro Dupont asks how should companies best prepare for the European Commission’s e-commerce sector inquiry Intellectual property protection: the key driver of innovation in Europe Emma Marcegaglia writes that the protection of IP in Europe is the basis for progress, growth and job creation Second WCO Global AEO Conference under the spotlight Building collaborative relationships with trusted traders is advantageous for governments facing the challenge of growing trade volumes, increased security requirements, and the need to develop efficient cross-border processes, writes Laure Tempier Unveiling the hidden side of the counterfeit trade Grant Busby, Laure Tempier and Junko Yamamoto discuss the World Customs Organization’s multi-pronged approach to the challenges posed by counterfeiting and piracy Modernising copyright for the digital age Neelie Kroes says there is a great opportunity to modernise the EU copyright framework to make it fit for an ever-changing digital world Intellectual property in the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership Lorna Brazell examines the issues to be discussed in the TTIP negotiations Building trust in global supply chains Globalisation has meant that supply chains have become longer and more complex, and securing these supply chains has become even more important, writes Philippe Amon Brand enforcement strategy; public and private enforcement considerations Ronald Brohm writes that private intellectual property enforcement is becoming increasingly relevant since governments are tending to allocate fewer resources to this problem Evolving challenges - innovative responses Parvis Hanson previews the seventh Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy, an event that manifests the efforts that the relevant parties are undertaking to tackle the problem Seventh Global Congress continues march against counterfeting and piracy Better strategies are needed to combat the multiple threats posed by organised crime networks, argues Jeffrey Hardy