Collective expertise, bespoke solutions When acquiring a SuperYacht or a private jet, the complexities of ownership require careful consideration. The specialist attention of a highly experienced service provider capable of providing the bespoke support that such assets demand, is essential. Knox House Marine & Aviation offers owners of SuperYachts and privately operated aircraft, a comprehensive range of management services that are bespoke to their requirements and delivered through a single point of contact. Services are offered through Knox House Marine Management Limited and IOM AERO. Today’s yachts are sophisticated and complex vessels and with rapid technological developments and frequent regulation changes, their safe and compliant operation is challenging. Knox House Marine Management’s Yacht Management services offer support and advice to owners and captains, which will ensure their yacht is properly maintained, compliant and efficiently administered. No two yachts are identical and our yacht management services can be tailored accordingly. The team at Knox House Marine Management has the necessary expertise and experience to deliver a tailored solution that not only matches the owner’s requirements, but is of vital assistance to the captain and their crew. We aim to exceed the expectations of all parties, giving greater safety, enjoyment and peace of mind. Our services are formed from a wealth of experience in the maritime sector and this ensures your yacht is safe, compliant and looking and performing at its best. We aim to remove the administrative burden from yacht owners and our SuperYacht management service is delivered through a dedicated point of contact that is available 7 days a week. If you are a potential, new or existing owner, our services could be of considerable interest to you. Do I need a management structure? We have focused on what owners and captains want and don’t want from their management company. It is as a result of this that we pride ourselves on offering a totally bespoke, yacht specific management package with an aim to cut costs and reduce paperwork and downtime. Our approach paves the way for captains to significantly reduce the time they spend in the office and more time with the crew and the running of the vessel. How do I finance my vessel? Knox House Marine Management has a strong working relationship with several leading banks that specialise in marine finance. This allows us to assist you in finding the right lender for you and to oversee the finance procedure, both during your purchase of the vessel and throughout your ownership of her. Who will deal with crew recruitment and their payroll? Through our extensive crew database of hand-picked professionals, Knox House Marine Management can offer professional crew at all levels who will be a true asset to the smooth day to day running of your vessel. As part of our crew solution services, we will attend to all crew placement, insurance and payroll matters and if requested can provide background checks and references. How do I choose a suitable flag state? Our experienced team has a wide-ranging jurisdictional knowledge and can help guide you in finding the most suitable flag state for your vessel. My vessel is under 24 metre, where do I find a tonnage surveyor? We offer a survey service for yachts that are under 24 metre tonnage, which can be undertaken for numerous flag states including the UK, Cayman Islands, St Vincent and Grenadines. I am a new owner awaiting the delivery of my new yacht. How do I have a PDI (Pre-Delivery Inspection) survey performed? We can provide a comprehensive inspection, including a structural in water and out of water inspection of the hull and stern gear. A full systems test of the hotel services and an interior fit-out inspection is also included. Moisture testing, hardness testing, ultrasound thickness measurements or thermal imaging can all be provided upon request. Sea Trials are an integral stage of our pre-purchase surveys and include a full systems test and performance trials. When finance or insurance is required we can include a realistic valuation of the yacht. IOM AERO is well positioned to help private aircraft owners realise the tax and operational benefits of the Isle of Man’s sought-after M-Register. Its administrative, management and full consultancy services aim to reduce the burden of responsibility that comes with ownership. What do M-EDIA, M-YJET, M-AGIC and M-CCCP have in common? The answer is that they all represent private or business aircraft registered on the Isle of Man – a jewel in the heart of the Irish Sea. With a modern-day population of some 85,000, the island retains a unique character as an international centre of business excellence. We are well known, amongst other things, as the motorcycle mecca of racing with the TT festival, and have some of the best golfing to be had in northern Europe. Despite the global recession which has hit the private aviation world hard, the Isle of Man Aircraft Registry has grown at a consistent rate of 100 – 110 aircraft per year for the past 5 years. Currently the 6th largest register of business jets in the world (and ahead of the UK and France), as at the 31st January 2014 a total of 666 aircraft had been registered on the Isle of Man. Some may say that’s unlucky though let us assure you we have already passed 675 by the time this article has been published. Attractive alternative – so what is driving the booming business to the Isle of Man’s M-Register? We believe the success of our register is that it offers an attractive alternative to the traditional ones. We have a completely different approach; we provide excellent personal service whilst maintaining the highest regulatory standards. Let’s not forget the island already boasts a 100 of the worlds most exclusive and expensive super luxury yachts on its commercial yacht register, of which many carry helicopters and the owners have their own business jets. Interest in aircraft registration is coming from all over the world as the reputation of the M-Register reaches far and wide. The Isle of Man advantage • High regulatory standards and quality international reputation for safety and service • Flexibility; unlike similar registers, your unique M-registration can be transferred to future new aircraft • Privacy and confidentiality; the identity of the owner can remain undisclosed • Clear and concise tax regime; the Isle of Man has a zero rate on corporation tax and Insurance Premium Tax (6% in the UK) • Zero rated VAT; we are the only offshore centre that enables registration for EU VAT/IVA, yet still enables businesses to benefit from a zero direct tax regime • Neutral nationality registration prefix • Secure Mortgage Register Registration ‘Mike’ As an example of how the ‘M-’ Register is considered ‘register of choice’ for private aircraft owners, consider the statistics on registrations of Gulfstream’s top of the range G650. With a lengthy waiting queue and list price in the region of $65 million, it was ‘designed to be the fastest, largest, longest-range, most advanced business jet’; therefore it really is the new must-have toy! To date, 53 G650 aircraft have been delivered, with 5 of these having been registered on the ‘M-’ Register. Removing American registered aircraft shows an even more impressive story. The aptly named M-YGVI was the first to be registered outside of the USA, with ‘M-’ Registered G650s now accounting for 33% of non- ‘N’ Registered aircraft of the type. We’re assured that the Registry has a number of pending registrations awaiting delivery! Flagship IOMAR The Isle of Man Aircraft Registry is a flagship example of both the type of business the Isle of Man aims to attract - quality; and what the Isle of Man can offer to clients; a highly professional, but also user-friendly and flexible, service. The Registry has also allowed the Isle of Man to offer a more complete package of offshore solutions. For example, the Isle of Man is one of the world’s leading centres for super-yacht registration, management and ownership, and super-yacht owners are often existing and potential future aircraft owners. Existing professional relationships developed in relation to a client’s yacht can easily be extended to cover the client’s aircraft with resultant benefits for both the client and the service providers. The Registry's high profile has also raised the Isle of Man’s profile as a centre for aviation. In addition to the manufacturing presence on the Isle of Man of multinational aerospace companies such as GE Aviation, Isle of Man corporate and trust structures are frequently used by major international airlines and aircraft operators in aircraft ownership and financing transactions. M-MIND blowing… Yes it is! Headquartered in the Isle of Man, IOM AERO provides complete management solutions to owners of private and corporate aircraft. We pride ourselves on our bespoke, client focused service and can assist you with every aspect of a privately operated aircraft’s lifecycle. And why not personalize your ‘M-’ Registered aircraft; the possibilities are M-ANY! For further information about the services provided by Knox House Marine & Aviation please call +44 (0)1624 653821 or email