Who needs a blockchain? In a wide-ranging interview with WCR Lyle Wraxall explains how diversity will drive the adoption and understanding of blockchain across the Isle of Man’s business communities and beyond Hybrid and cybersecurity threats Maria Demertzis and Guntram Wolff find that EU finance ministers should advance a broader political discussion on the integration of the EU security architecture applicable to the financial system An easier consumer journey when buying online Helping consumers to make informed choices benefits consumers, companies and markets. Pedro Oliveira charts how European business organisations have developed a tool to better inform consumers TechAwards and TechWeek get together to celebrate innovation The Bermuda Department of ICT Policy and Innovation write that leadership in fintech regulation has allowed Bermuda to develop the new economy Challenges in the digital age Industry 4.0 is creating many challenges and opportunities. Vincent Labhard, Peter McAdam, Filippos Petroulakis and Lara Vivian review a recent ECB conference Accelerating revenue with digital transformation Companies need to embrace the new culture that digital transformation brings. Jonathan Sharp provides a roadmap The legal sector is primed for disruption from AI. Here’s why… Nikolas Kairinos outlines a few key snippets of wisdom to help legal organisations and professionals leverage AI to help them do more, do it better, and do it at a lower cost Personal Information Protection Act 2016 (PIPA) The Bermuda Department of ICT Policy and Innovation review the Personal Information Protection Act 2016 (PIPA) As the globe turns, so does the axle of tax compliance It's important to have a strong working knowledge of the obstacles to tax compliance. Pawel Smolarkiewicz looks at how digital transformation is affecting organisations' approach Managing machines: the governance of AI Technology is shaping a new economy powered by big data and advanced analytics. Financial firms have to understand the implications for governance in order to identify and manage the associated risks. James Proudman gives three principles firms can use when they’re thinking about how to do this Providing assurances about customers’ data security The public are becoming more engaged with data security. Geoff Forsyth says it is now clear that people are prepared to hit companies who don’t take data security seriously where it hurts Is this post legal (under new EU copyright law)? Catarina Midoes examines new EU rules on using snippets from news publishers and on copyright infringement liability that might affect circulation of information, revenue distribution, market power and EU business competitiveness Has AI really lived up to the hype? In many cases AI is changing the world. Nikolas Kairinos talks about the evolution of AI and the prospects on the horizon for society San Marino: at the forefront of blockchain The San Marino Republic is at the forefront of Distributed Ledger Technology and has just published specific blockchain technological legislation for firms. Stefano Loconte reviews How is tech redefining HR? AI is already taking the world of HR by storm, and has become an integral part of many successful HR strategies. Ritam Gandhi cautions that using AI doesn’t mean taking the ‘human’ out of human resources Bermuda's global leadership in the FinTech space The Bermuda Department of ICT Policy and Innovation outline how Bermuda is creating an environment for FinTech that will make the Island a centre of excellence Cybersecurity: at the forefront Within the ever-evolving cybersecurity landscape it is important to share information and share communication. Bermuda participated at the recent Cybersecurity Risk Conference held in Baltimore, Maryland Innovative cybersecurity Adamson Middleton's Marine Technology Specialists present Mobile Device Management & Live System Monitoring to prepare the maritime industry for future cybersecurity threats Post-Brexit transfers of personal data: the clock is ticking EU-UK talks on a future data-sharing relationship have yet to start. J Scott Marcus says this bodes poorly for the UKs future status under GDPR Can you control how your data is collected online? Alex McCready writes on when and how individuals can seek compensation for damage caused by misuse of data, and offers advice on how you can retain more control on data collected Bermuda: leading the way in fintech In early 2018 Bermuda launched a fintech initiative to become a global technology hub. Caroline Caton reviews how legislation is achieving this goal Be more trusted World Commerce Review interviews Gerhard Oosthuizen about the exciting future for payment enablement technologies Data quality - the lifeline of successful AI adoption AI requires large amounts of data to drive the decision-making processes. Jan Hanika finds that a successful deployment of AI also requires a suitable information infrastructure Google at 20: how a search engine became a literal extension of our mind Google’s products have become integrated into our everyday lives. Benjamin Curtis argues that there are some deeply troubling issues we urgently need to address The Digital Freedom Pass: emancipation from digital slavery Dennis Snower argues for reform in the form of a Digital Freedom Pass. The person can then choose which identification to share, with whom, and when, allowing emancipation from our current digital slavery The economics of the Google Android case Alexandre de Cornière and Greg Taylor argue that the case offers a great example of the need to consider the implications of the market’s two-sidedness Economic policy for artificial intelligence Policy will shape how AI affects society. Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans and Avi Goldfard consider policies that will influence diffusion and policies that will address the consequences of AI European ‘techlash’ or milestone in antitrust enforcement? Cristina Caffarra, Oliver Latham, Matthew Bennett, Federico Etro, Pierre Régibeau and Robert Stillman argue that the European Commission's decision on Google Android has economic merit and falls within established legal precedent When technology serves people Margrethe Vestager says technology can be shaped to fit society's values so that technology serves people and not the other way round Ensuring safety online Bermuda is ensuring the safety of young people through several important initiatives. The recent Digital Leadership Conference outlined the progress CEO’s – keep calm and carry on with a business continuity strategy Business continuity is not a choice, it should be mandatory. Jonathan Sharp looks at the essential steps that businesses or organisations should make Failure is an option Employees are the catalyst for change. Jonathan Sharp writes that a 'growth mindset' culture should be supported by businesses to enable them to thrive The Bank of England – open to fintech Dave Ramsden speaks about the importance of new technology in the financial services industry and the launch of the Bank of England's new Fintech Hub Top technologies impacting commercial banking now and in the future Russell Bennett outlines some of the top technologies transforming the banking world today Bermuda Youth Makers take central stage The Bermuda Department of ICT Policy and Innovation reviews the Youth Maker Showcase, which demonstrated how STEM education enhances learning Time for a digital detox? Peter Thomson points out that our stressful work patterns are not caused by technology but by leaders who have allowed their organisations to develop unhealthy work patterns and are ignoring culture instead of managing it How blockchain is set to disrupt the future of gaming Egor Gurjev writes that blockchain is transferring power back to the hands of the gamers and is a natural transition for the gaming industry Moving forward with fintech application development There is no need for banks to be held back by legacy systems, Kyle Ferguson writes, as smaller fintech firms are able to assist banks in reaping the benefits of technology How technology can provide solutions for rising retail fraud In order to confront the rising cost of fraud, retailers are recognizing the need to deploy a robust technology strategy. Alice Bonasio considers some solutions Can Industry 4.0 save the planet? The use of technologies, techniques and business models linked to industry 4.0 will be essential to achieve a low carbon transition, and the the public sector will play a key role, argue Tomas Wyns and Martin Porter Bermuda's yearly rendezvous to celebrate innovation and achievement The Bermuda Department of ICT Policy and Innovation reviews the annual celebration of the digital economy Enabling ICT for development Interview with Dr M-H Carolyn Nguyen, who explains why governments need to start thinking seriously about how to leverage ICT for their development goals, and why an appropriate policy environment is crucial to enable the level of investment necessary to support sustainable economic growth Data is the best weapon against fraud Banks and merchants are turning to data-driven technology to counter the rising problem of fraudulent transactions and chargebacks, Alice Bonasio writes The coming EVolution of road transport Aaron Cosbey examines the full impacts of a low-carbon future on the transport sector, where governments and carmakers are hastening the end of the internal combustion engine Why openness, not technology alone, must be the heart of the digital economy Rufus Pollock argues that for creativity and freedom to flourish we must put openness at the heart of the information age Digital transformation – the pinnacle of superior customer experience Digital transformation, when thought out and deployed correctly, is the pinnacle of good customer experience, Jonathan Sharp asserts Fraud on the rise: can technology save us? With the global cost of chargebacks mounting for consumers, banks and merchants alike, Alice Bonasio argues that we need innovation to fight back The growing presence of robots in EU industries Georgios Petropoulos examines the increasingly important role in global manufacturing that Industry 4.0 will play, and finds that the density of robots is expected to rise From the consumer to the commercial world – how AI is driving intelligent payments We are entering an exciting new age with business able to proactively anticipate future trends, Russell Bennett writes The challenge of China’s rise as a science and technology powerhouse The EU should take steps to engage more with China if it is not to miss out in the future multipolar science and technology world, Reinhilde Veugelers argues Insurtech: the next frontier Sohail Jaffer examines the impact that financial technologies are having on the insurance sector Saxony’s green tech: ready for the future Saxony’s long tradition as an industrial centre has enabled the development of green technology expertise, the Saxony Economic Development Corporation write TechTalk: The Internet of Things Bermuda TechTalk panelists discuss the difficulties and opportunities of the Internet of Things Standing on the shoulders of distant giants Fabio Matera and Georg Zachmann say that cluster policies should be differentiated depending on the technology because knowledge spill-overs differ markedly between technologies Where do banks fit in the fintech stack? Lael Brainard writes that close attention needs to be paid to technical, regulatory, policy and legal issues in the fintech sector to ensure trust and confidence in the financial system Building the infrastructure to realise FinTech’s promise Mark Carney says banks and fintech firms can expect tougher regulation as fintech becomes more widespread Blockchain technology: a true game changer Matthew Ward explores the technology and application of blockchain, writing that it is revolutionary and we are at the beginning of a new era Sprouting new growth opportunities Bermuda is a natural launchpad for exciting and innovative emerging technology ventures, finds John Narraway Internet governance and global goals – strength in diversity Elizabeth Thomas-Raynaud on the role the internet can play in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals Advancing the digital economy Choosing a digital jurisdiction to base your operations in is a complex process. In a Q&A with World Commerce Review Grant Gibbons, the Bermuda Minister of Economic Development, outlines the Bermuda advantage The coming EVolution of road transport Aaron Cosbey examines the full impacts of a low-carbon future on the transport sector, where governments and carmakers are hastening the end of the internal combustion engine Bermuda at the leading edge of technology The America’s Cup has found a uniquely hospitable home in Bermuda and next year’s event promises to be an exciting race in a phenomenal location The industrial internet will transform policymaking The ‘internet of things’ will bring major changes in many areas of life, including the political arena. Giuseppe Porcaro asks what will be the new communication tools, strategies and narratives for policymakers? A yearly rendezvous to celebrate innovation and achievement The Bermuda Department of E-Commerce write about Bermuda’s annual celebration of technology innovation and achievement Exploring automotive innovation: is technology in the driver's seat? Matthew Luby looks at the role intellectual property has played in driving innovation in the automotive industry Important steps made towards a Digital Single Market Andrus Ansip writes that the European Commission has made a major advance towards creating a true Digital Single Market (DSM) for Europe, with two new packages of initiatives Europe’s digital transformation Measures designed to speed up the digital transformation of industry should remain at the core of what the EU is trying to achieve, John Higgins writes How the blockchain enables a new economy This crypto economy will transfigure businesses, government and our society, perhaps even more profoundly than the internet did, says William Mougayar Central banks and digital currencies Ben Broadbent looks at innovation in private sector digital currencies, asks what is a central bank digital currency, and what might be the economic implications of introducing one Going digital: the benefits of a digital organization in financial services The organization of digital efforts is a key aspect of every digital transformation and banks and insurance companies that are able to transform themselves will be better prepared to ride the digitalization, write Alejandro Gonzalez and Pedro Fernández Cybersafety and cybersecurity – priorities for Bermuda The Department of E-Commerce within the Ministry of Economic Development has cultivated many partnerships in the public, private and third sector as they all find synergies to deliver their common online safety message more effectively Domain management - the best attack against hackers Charlie Abrahams says protection and policing domain names is key in today's digital era Recommendations for a successful digital transformation in Europe The ongoing fourth industrial revolution is radically modifying the global economy. Europe needs a true digital transformation to regain competitiveness and deliver growth and jobs, writes Markus Beyrer Launching the fourth industrial revolution Eva Paunova argues that in order to reap the benefits and minimise the risks we must act strategically to prepare our economies and societies Digital revolution needs offline help to realize its potential The hoped-for benefits of digital technologies — greater productivity, more opportunity for the poor and middle class, more accountable governments and companies — have not spread as far and wide as anticipated, writes Donna Barne Putting innovation to work: global challenges and Industry 4.0 Europe needs a much bolder strategy for how innovation sits at the heart of our approach to modern industrial policy, and to Industry 4.0, Martin Porter writes The digital storm is here – are you ready? Jonathan Sharp states that businesses must react to the paradigm shift of digital transformation to not only remain competitive but also to survive Solutions to the digital trade imbalance Susan Ariel Aaronson discusses how governments use trade agreements and policies to address cross-border internet issues and to limit digital protectionism 3D printing: unleashing the magic Martina Ferracane argues that policy makers should engage in a proactive regulatory dialogue and implement a framework to aid the development of a technology that is set to shake and reshape our reality In Bermuda technology enhances corporate citizenship Bermuda boasts an active corporate community which leverages its networks and which partners to help others on the Island, the Department of E-Commerce writes TechTalk – fraud and fraud investigation A recent TechTalk in Bermuda found that Bermuda was ahead of the game in the world of data security, writes Anna Chan Making the Digital Single Market a reality Andrus Ansip writes that the European Commission’s Strategy for the DSM lays down a marker for Europe’s digital future, creating a free, fair and open digital environment that is accessible to everyone Are there really no barriers to electronic commerce? Electronic evidence will decide Thomas Cavro Dupont asks how should companies best prepare for the European Commission’s e-commerce sector inquiry Turning the cruise ship Alan Brown asks what can business and government learn from each other about innovation in a digital landscape Last chance for Europe in the digital saloon? Europe’s gradual decline in relation to the USA and Asia will be inexorable unless it adopts a bold and ambitious plan soon, states Colin Blackman The EU's Digital Single Market Strategy: a worthy aim, but does it work? Kenny Mullen writes that regulators need to be careful that the single EU market does not simply throw up new artificial boundaries between ‘digital fortress’ Europe and the rest of the world Building a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. One TechAward at a time The Bermuda Department of E-Commerce writes about Bermuda’s month-long celebration of entrepreneurship and innovation Project Isizwe: bringing free WiFi to South Africa’s low-income communities Tremendous strides have been made in closing the digital divide and expanding internet connectivity by Project Isizwe Nimble Malta sees opportunity in global disruption in communications In a Q&A with World Commerce Review Dr Edward Woods, Chairman of the Malta Communications Authority, outlines the ingredients behind Malta’s past successes and how Malta is gearing to transform the current wave of disruptions into an economic opportunity IMCCA update to recent changes in the world of unified collaborative communications David Danto and Carol Zelkin write about further developments in low-cost systems and update some big industry trends Looking for the right cloud location? Blue Sky Bermuda has it all when it comes to your wish list, writes the Bermuda Department of E-Commerce Bermuda. The ‘Wired Island’ In a Q&A with World Commerce Review Grant Gibbons, Bermuda’s Minister of Education and Economic Development, discusses the most important factors when deciding on a digital hub The continuing evolution of collaborative technologies David Danto and Carol Zelkin say it’s not all about the hardware or software that an organization buys. Successful implementation of collaborative technologies is just as equally about an organization’s approach to the space Recent changes in the world of unified collaborative communications, consumerization and related technologies If the promise of UC is so fantastic then why is it still so complicated and difficult? Why indeed, ask David Danto and Carol Zelkin A digital agenda for Europe Neelie Kroes outlines the efforts that are being by Brussels to create a digital economy The next productivity revolution: the ‘industrial internet’ Marco Annunziata argues that the industrial internet will have a powerful impact on productivity and growth Bermuda. The intelligent choice. Q&A with Grant Gibbons, Bermuda Minister of Economic Development In an interview with World Commerce Review, the Bermuda Minister of Economic Development, Grant Gibbons, examines the most important factors when deciding on a digital hub Defending the global digital marketplace Jake Colvin says that it is important to recognize that emerging attempts by some countries to restrict information flows could have far-reaching impacts on entrepreneurs, innovators and economic growth Recent developments in collaborative communications telepresence, mobility and the cloud David Danto and Carol Zelkin look at the most important recent developments in visual communications, collaboration, unified communications and related technologies