New challenges to transfers of personal data Scott Marcus considers the recent CJEU judgement and the impact on data transfers between the European Union and the United States A moment of unlimited potential On February 4, 2020, President Donald J Trump delivered his third State of the Union address, saying that Americans must choose whether they are defined by differences or whether they dare to transcend them Implications of the Japan–United States mini-trade agreement The impact of the US-Japan mini-trade deal is likely to be minuscule. Sybrand Brekelmans and Uri Dadush review the possible effects and the systemic implications President Trump's State of the Union Address 2019 The US is experiencing an economic boom. Donald Trump says it is now time for bipartisan action to reignite the American imagination, to choose greatness Geotechnology meets geopolitics Stephen Nagy examines China’s geotechnology strategy and its relationship to the Sino-US artificial intelligence rivalry Three tariff lessons from US inter-war history Eric Bond et al investigate tariffs during the inter-war period and draw out lessons for the United States and its trade partners President Donald J Trump’s State of the Union Address Donald Trump outlines the record-setting accomplishments of his first year and cast a vision for building a safe, strong, and proud America US import surges as a pretext for protectionism Simon Evenett and Johannes Fritz put President Trumps' tariff increases into perspective by analysing import surges into the US Economic implications of a protectionist US trade policy Gabriel Felbermayr, Marina Steininger and Erdal Yalcin analyse three protectionist policies that have been discussed by the administration and the effects on the economy Global value chains and the missing US exports To properly understand how trade benefits all involved Yuqing Xing argues that trade statistics need to be reformed to take account of intellectual property The Trump doctrine on international trade: Part one William Nordhaus argues that President Trump embraces fallacies as facts, and that the efforts to reform tax are flawed and will make tax law more complex The Trump doctrine on international trade: Part two Trump risks destroying the fruits of almost 100 years of global trade cooperation, William Nordhaus argues The US antitrust counter-revolution Recent research has highlighted a rise in concentration in the US economy, across different sectors. Economists are now wondering to what extent this is attributable to a shift in the antitrust enforcement philosophy. Silvia Merler reviews contributions to this debate USTR Lighthizer introduces the Trump trade doctrine Shanker Singham looks at President Trump’s trade policy, and what the Administration means by ‘free and fair’ trade Trump’s U-turn on trade with China is good news, but the EU should not be complacent The EU has a lot at stake, and should be ready to steer a tactical course between its two main trade partners, André Sapir writes Protectionist threats jeopardise international trade Meredith Crowley, Huasheng Song, and Ning Meng provide evidence that tariff scares have negative impacts on trade even when the threatened import tariff hikes never actually materialise Trumped up trade: the end of an era The days of US fiscal restraint, and of global trade growth outpacing GDP growth, are now over, Sebastian Dullien writes The EU must stand ready to confront US leadership This is not the first time that the United States has antagonised Europe. And Europe can provide an effective response to such external challenges when it stands united, Emmanuel Mourlon-Druol writes Topeka: the right combination Topeka offers the right combination of resources and support while delivering it all with a can-do attitude, GO Topeka Economic Partnership write The fall of Safe Harbour and the future of transatlantic data sharing The basis of Safe Harbour has been questioned for some time, and in recent years it has become increasingly apparent that an updated privacy regime is necessary, Natasha Simmons writes Arlington, Texas: at the centre of it all Arlington is quickly becoming a hub for engineering, advanced manufacturing, technology and medical science industries, the Office of Economic Development writes Naturally energetic Combining a reputation for energy investment with a true love of nature, Elk River promises an excellent environment for both businesses and employees, writes Colleen Eddy North America in the world of trade Working with Canada and Mexico, America’s capacity for innovation could be harnessed to develop solutions for shared economic, environmental, and resource-based challenges, Kent Hughes asserts FATCA – business support for a global solution The Business and Industry Advisory Committee (‘BIAC’) to the OECD is leading the business effort to engage with governments in a mutually beneficial dialogue, says Keith Lawson The Alien Tort Statute’s impact on the business community Bill Reinsch believes that the ATS will have a significant impact on the business community both in the United States and potentially, around the world Navigating a 21st century global trading system Bill Reinsch finds that tariffs are no longer the big issue, though some big ones remain. Now it is non-tariff barriers, local content, intellectual property and more How global supply networks drive growth and jobs There is a future in which America can create millions of jobs and strengthen it's economic growth, argues Matthew Slaughter A second thought on economic sanctions Richard Sawaya writes that economic sanctions have been a perennial staple of US foreign policy, currently touted as effective ‘coercive diplomacy’ in the case of Iran