Business aviation’s path toward a net zero CO2 future Ed Bolen discusses business aviation’s focus and resolve toward a net zero CO2 future that was showcased at EBACE2023 Sustainability leadership Sustainability is a top priority. Ed Bolen showcases business aviation’s global importance and sustainability focus The flag of choice World Commerce Review interviews Cameron Mitchell who discusses how the Isle of Man Ship Registry adds real value in a rapidly changing global maritime environment Advancing to a sustainable future Across the globe business aviation welcomes another milestone step in sustainable flight, Ed Bolen writes Sustainable tourism. Dream it. See it. Share it. The pandemic has wreaked havoc on travel. How will our travel habits change? James Cortez looks at the future for sustainable tourism

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A selection of the top ecotourism destinations Ready to pack your bags? Check out the top ecotourism destinations to visit. Some wanderlusting going on here! What is ecotourism? What is sustainable tourism? What is ecotourism? How does it work? Why does it matter? And how can we, as travellers, put the core principles of ecotourism into practice?
Business aviation’s future front and centre at EBACE2022 Ed Bolen believes EBACE2022 demonstrated business aviation’s resilient present and exciting future Accessing opportunity Accessing opportunity in a tumultuous global moment. Ed Bolen considers the robust business aviation sector that supports international operations Year-end offers chance to consider opportunities on the horizon As we look toward 2022, Ed Bolen is confident that business aviation will continue to innovate, respond and adapt quickly to the challenges ahead

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A sustainability-focused industry looks to its exciting future Ed Bolen believes that despite challenges from the pandemic the business aviation industry has continued to make progress in moving toward a truly sustainable future Virtual EBACE connected our industry Ed Bolen considers how the business aviation community adapted to new forms of communication, and looks ahead to the return of in-person gatherings post-pandemic Beyond COVID-19 Business aviation continues to face challenges from the pandemic. Ed Bolen is optimistic that the industry can look beyond COVID-19 with excitement and innovation A resilient industry moving forward COVID-19 has affected how business is connected. ED Bolen says VBACE and other events showcase a resilient industry moving forward Focusing on sustainability Ed Bolen writes that even in the midst of the COVID pandemic sustainability remains a focus for business aviation Belize. Securing your future The global economy is unstable. WCR interviews Caye International Bank's Luigi Wewege on the reasons Belize should be considered as an investment location New resources and industry resolve drive NBAA’s response to COVID-19 crisis The impact of the COVID-19 has been profound. Ed Bolen is proud of the remarkable response from the global aviation community Business aviation continues flying toward a sustainable future Ed Bolen says business aviation's outstanding commitment means it has an impressive story to tell about carbon emissions reductions Business aviation is moving toward an exciting and sustainable future Global business aviation is evolving rapidly. Ed Bolen urges readers to see the transformation at an NBAA event Malta: A high-value investment for your future Q&A with Jonathan Cardona, Chief Executive Officer of the Malta Individual Investor Programme Agency, outlining the benefits Malta offers investors 2019 NBAA-BACE characterized by new look, new feel and new energy Ed Bolen previews the 2019 NBAA-BACE, where the latest in business aviation will be demonstrated Havana 500 Portrayed in the works of countless artists and writers, Havana is celebrating the 500th anniversary of its founding Conventions in 2019 showcase business aviation’s exciting future The business aviation industry is embracing future technologies. Ed Bolen finds that this forward-looking spirit is embodied in NBAA-sponsored events Is the only way up? Airspace development is a growing phenomenon as a practical solution to meeting the growing demand for new homes. Paul Olliff considers the legal issues in the United Kingdom EBACE2019: showcasing innovation, investment in business aviation Ed Bolen reviews EBACE2019, which offers an opportunity to view a wide array of aircraft and aviation products in a single location The Isle of Man’s banking sector - where are we now and what is the future? The banking industry is undergoing a seismic shift. John Hunter is confident that the Isle of Man is well-placed to face future changes Tailored expertise In a Q&A with World Commerce Review, James Porter of Knox House Trust (KHT) discusses how the company’s ethos of putting clients at the heart of everything they do has led to innovation, industry accolades and an ever expanding global client base within their business sector Business aviation is a global industry, requiring global focus International advocacy will continue to be a key mission for NBAA. Ed Bolen says we must maintain our focus on the challenges confronting business aviation access, growth and safety NBAA-BACE comes to Orlando at exciting time for business aviation Ed Bolen looks forward to NBAA-BACE, which brings together key aviation contacts from around the world to a single meeting place to get critical work accomplished Innovative cybersecurity Adamson Middleton's Marine Technology Specialists present Mobile Device Management & Live System Monitoring to prepare the maritime industry for future cybersecurity threats Monaco Yacht Show 2018 The flagship event of the international yachting calendar, the MYS represents the pinnacle of luxury, providing the ultimate showcase for wealth influencers. A WCR review The Isle of Man – the place for maritime business Dick Welsh introduces the Isle of Man maritime centre, that has built its reputation on global-leading levels of service Innovation, investment in focus at EBACE2018 NBAA remains committed to protecting and promoting the global development of business aviation. Readers are invited to attend events to experience the strength and scope of industry innovation Seafarer medical benefits – what does the marine industry provide? The world's pool of talented and qualified seafarers is drying up. Mark Bononi writes that owners and operators will have to focus on salary and benefits to attract and retain them Specialised superyacht solutions The daily operations of vessel and crew management is complicated and time-consuming. iBos shows how you can put all your administration in one place There’s much more to marine insurance than meets the eye Simon Dixon says thinking about insurance may not be your thing, but never make the mistake of leaving it until it becomes ‘a thing’ Embracing the future As the 2018 edition of EBACE concluded, the event once again served as a powerful and forward-looking showcase for the European business aviation industry. Simon Williams shares his thoughts Safety with service In a wide-ranging interview World Commerce Review talks to Simon Williams, the Isle of Man’s Director of Civil Aviation, about the continued success of the Island’s aviation services sector as it celebrates 10 years as a leading aircraft registry International events highlight responsible development of business aviation around globe Safe and responsible business aviation is enabled by key industry events, Ed Bolen reviews upcoming trade events and conferences NBAA-supported events promote advocacy for global business aviation industry Business aviation continues to enable global commerce and economic growth, thanks to the commitment of the National Business Aviation Association Providing A-Z support In a Q&A with World Commerce Review David Briggs-Wilson of Hermes Aviation Consulting discusses how decades of aviation experience results in a smooth path to reaching your travel aims Welcome to NBAA-BACE The international business aviation community is invited to Las Vegas for NBAA-BACE World class aviation services The Cayman Maritime & Aviation Services Park will create the largest transportation services group in the region, the CAACI write EBACE2017 highlighted many roles of Europe’s business aviation community Ed Bolen says EBACE2017 provided an important forum to address the challenges faced by business aviation operators across Europe, and around the world Brian Stuart-Young. International Banker of the Year In a Q&A with World Commerce Review Brian Stuart-Young says Antigua and Barbuda is well poised to establish the jurisdiction as a stable hub for the growing demand of foreign and local investments 70th year of advocacy NBAA remains committed to protecting and promoting the global development of business aviation, Ed Bolen asserts Registering your aircraft in the Cayman Islands: the registration process The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) write on how to register your aircraft in the Cayman Islands Global takaful: facing the challenge of digitalization Sohail Jaffer writes about how the takaful sector is embracing the opportunities and challenges of digitalization ABACE2017 to highlight growth, importance of business aviation in Asia A preview of the 2017 Asian Business Aviation Conference and Exhibition to be held in Shanghai in April The Isle of Man advantage In a wide-ranging interview, World Commerce Review talks to Simon Williams, the Isle of Man’s Director of Civil Aviation, about the continued success of the Island’s aviation services sector Global Islamic wealth management: trends and opportunities Sohail Jaffer says there are several reasons why the Islamic niche of the industry is expected to outgrow conventional wealth management over the coming decade Is there any chance of EU economic stability after Brexit? Currency trading opportunities are growing thanks to the uncertainty about the future of the EU, argues Ben Barlow The euro celebrates major milestone as Europe faces uncertainty James Dixon examines what Brexit and the presidency of Trump means for the euro Collective expertise, bespoke solutions With the help of KHT World Commerce Review looks forward to the Monaco Yacht Show NBAA-BACE welcomes international business aviation community to Orlando Ed Bolen looks forward to the annual event that demonstrates the strength and importance of business aviation worldwide The future of spread betting looks bright - and here's why Marcus Turner Jones examines spread betting, which is becoming more accessible and more enticing for those investors looking for a new endeavour and who wish to expand their portfolio Venezuelan crisis is an opportunity for foreign bond investors Marcus Turner Jones asks whether Venezuelan foreign bonds are an investment worth making Cutting through the spin Ben Barlow examines how UK stocks and markets will be affected by Brexit EBACE2016 showcased business aviation’s size, strength, diversity Ed Bolen reviews Europe’s premier showcase for business aviation, which provided an opportunity for dialogue between regulatory authorities, business leaders and other stakeholders The Cayman Islands Aircraft Registry: a first class experience Danielle Roman and Tracey Forbes examine how the CAACI has embraced the requirements and spirit of the Cape Town Convention, which has fortified the Cayman Islands’ position as an offshore market leader in both commercial and corporate jet financing and as an aircraft registry of choice Global economic trends in 2016 Ben Barlow examines the topics that may define the markets through the year Global leadership From coast-to-coast and across the globe, NBAA events highlight industry’s importance The registry of choice The extension of the UK’s ratification of the Cape Town Convention to the Cayman Islands is a significant development for the Cayman Islands financial sector, the CAACI write Aircraft ownership solutions KHMA offer a convenient, accessible and specialist service that reduces the administrative burden while maximising the benefits of ownership 30 years of success For 30 years Kelleher International has been creating exclusive matches. In a Q&A with World Commerce Review, Amber Kelleher-Andrews talks about how her company finds love for top-level executives Management matters Knox House Marine & Aviation write about their aim to offer convenient, accessible and specialist services that reduce the administrative burden while maximising the benefits of ownership to owners of yachts and privately operated aircraft Business aviation in Malta When it comes to business aviation Malta is no longer the new kid on the block but is a serious jurisdiction well considered in the industry, Stanley Bugeja writes When your dreams become reality World Commerce Review spoke with Ron Shaw about building your tropical paradise EBACE proves enduring and forward-looking WCR reviews the recent EBACE event to examine the latest trends and opportunities the sector provides Nulli secundus World Commerce Review spoke with David Briggs-Wilson and discussed business aviation as a corporate tool Fully confidential and private treatment In a Q&A with Werner Gerber, effective addiction treatment for high-profile international clients is discussed Flying high Stanley Bugeja says Malta is one of the fastest growing reputable business aviation jurisdictions Soaring to new heights The Caymans is the registry of choice for many owners and management companies with corporate aircraft, Richard Smith writes Lucullan Italiano From the top of the boot to the toe, the Italian hotel scene is booming. Here, our favourite places, whether urban style setters or idyllic country retreats, are revealed Private aviation: ‘nulli secundus’ The many virtues of private aviation are extolled as the transport of choice for the truly purposeful, write David and Damian Briggs-Wilson Aircraft registry in the Cayman Islands The Cayman Islands registry is highly recognized and respected throughout the aviation industry globally, write the Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI)
The exclusive Swiss experience Patric Collet writes about the exclusive Swiss experience where only the best is good enough Luxury retreats The Turks and Caicos Islands are a perfect destination for anyone interested in true paradise, Ron Shaw says Turning innovation into assets Mediolanum Asset Management Limited (MAML) has been awarded the World Commerce Review Most Innovative Asset Manager in Ireland 2014 Innovative – Unusual – Exciting – Extreme Formex Watch are focused on the here and now with innovative, trailblazing approaches
A perfect match In a Q&A Amber Kelleher-Andrews talks about how her company finds love for top-level executives A world of luxury Retreat into a world of elegance at the Swiss Diamond Hotel Prishtina Live and let die under the EU Succession Regulation’s regime Marcus Hosser advises that expatriates who are planning on working and staying for a longer period in a EU member state should be aware of the EU Succession Regulation’s new concept Sharing the burden Sohail Jaffer examines the future for pension plans in the Middle East and North Africa Collective expertise, bespoke solutions Specialist attention is required to provide the bespoke support that assets such as a SuperYacht or private jet demand, write Knox House Marine & Aviation
Natural hazard risk & investment in forestry? Phil Cottle gives an insight into quantifying climate risk in relation to alternative investment opportunities TCI: out of uncertainty a new paradigm for investment Mark Fulford and Gilbert Morris argue that the Turks and Caicos Islands are one of the top global premium luxury destinations for well-heeled families An enviable destination Ron Shaw’s passion is to make remarkable, liveable homes that take full advantage of the climate of the Turks and Caicos Islands The ROI in international succession planning Making a huge effort in one's international succession and estate tax planning is a profitable investment says Marcus Hosser New construction norms are changing the face of luxury villas on the Spanish Costas Richard Rooke notes that the luxury villas built to the new standards are outstanding and feature beautiful designs and luxurious features that were just dreams a few years ago
Shariah compliant wealth management: on the right track The growing importance of ethics within the investment industry and its convergence with the principles of shariah-compliant finance is increasing the acceptance of the alternative financial segment in secular markets, writes Sohail Jaffer